How to Prune Houseplants 

Not all people have the luxury of keeping and maintain a garden outside their homes, so they compensate by keeping houseplants indoors. Other people think that indoor gardeners don’t spend too much time pruning their plants like outdoor gardeners too. However, indoor gardeners will find the need to pick up some pruning tools and prune their houseplants.  

Houseplants need pruning too. According to professional tree pruning in Atlanta, houseplants need to be pruned once in a while to keep them healthy. Pruning away dead branches and leaves will keep the plants presentable. Like pruning any trees and plants, trees will be encouraged to have a balance growth habit and also to keep the plant from occupying your room.  

When to Prune Houseplants 

Like any plants, there is a right time to prune your houseplants. They should be pruned typically in the beginning of their growth season, or after they’re finished flowering or during late winter. Before they bloom, avoid pruning the houseplant chances are you’re going to remove unopened buds. Houseplants also need regular year-round pruning that includes removal of dead branches or leaves. Cut them as close to the stem and never against the trunk.  

Pruning for Health Reasons 

Pruning houseplants will encourage balanced growth, health, shape and structure. Before pruning the houseplants, you need to determine your goal of pruning. Do you want it to get a certain shape or do you want it to have a growth habit. Remember to not remove more than 25% of the plant’s foliage unless the specie of the plant demands so.  

You can also do the pruning properly when you have knowledge about the plant’s growth patterns. That’s why it’s important to consult an arborist first for these kinds of things. Plants mostly grow from tip down it means that new growth emerges from its dominant bud at the end of leaf or branch.  

Latent buds are the areas of potential new growth. They occur where the leaf joins the plant stem. If you want to encourage new growth, prune the plant and snip off dominant buds. New stems will emerge beneath the latent buds.  

How to Prune Vines 

To prune vines in your indoor garden, you have to do the same techniques we wrote down. However, it will involve more work. Remove the side branches and escaping shoots to encourage their growth along their support. You will have to do some harder pruning in the spring and summer to cut them back to their manageable form. When healthy, vines grow rampantly.  

How to Deadhead Indoor Plants 

Another kind of pruning is deadheading. This method is where you remove spent blooms or blossoms. When plants bloom, their energy is transferred to the flowers. Even if the flowers are dying, energy is still consumed.  

Do Not Prune These Plants 

Not all houseplants need to be pruned and there are others which don’t really need pruning because it will kill the plant. For examples, species of orchids shouldn’t be pruned aside from removing dead flower spikes.  

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